The Eishof staff

Cohesion and solidarity are very important for all the Eishof staff. Because together you are not only stronger, but your whole life is simply

much more fun!

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The lovely team:



Mountain-hut host, Yedi knight, positive thinker, part-time chaotic, sports ace, motivational talent, world breaker, a person who lives in the moment



Chef, hut mummy, passionate gourmet, kitchen warrior, fitness queen, queen in playing cards, family person


Permanent pilgrim to the Eishof, good service fairy, writes beautifully not only at school, spelling fetishist, 'Be-Yonce', mood lifter, already retired according to his colourful shirts


Hut DJ, sunny boy, jack-of-all-trades, Baywatch trousers wearer (even when it's cold), butt model, favourite son-in-law, pumper



Charming service warrior, dancing queen, grinning cat, sunshine, food lover, a woman with whom you can steal horses (only the one on the pasture she prefers to leave standing), mountain hut psychologist


Bar manager, ease of mind, prankster, leisure time model, plate spinner, childish head, Eishof multi-talent and dreamer


Hut tailor, oiling-specialist (in the kitchen, of course), big-mouth ripper, anti-everything, face acrobat, hipster, wears t-shirts of bands that broke up before she was even born

Temporary staff

Valle, Thekensissi,

Benni, Aaron, Tata Georg und Mama Ulrike

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